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Marketing & Publicity

Our marketing department is here to help make your event a success. Our services are designed to supplement your marketing plan for maximum impact.

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Marketing Services

PAC and Cal Poly Ticket Office Website

Ticketed events held at the Performing Arts Center San Luis Obispo receive exposure on two websites hosted by the PAC (www.pacslo.org) and Cal Poly Ticket Office (tickets.calpoly.edu

Clients will be asked to provide a brief de­scription of their event, along with high-resolution photographs, logos or posters. If the client has a promotion­al video, we ask you provide us with a YouTube link which can be embedded directly on the event page. Selected events are also featured on the home page through a large banner or fea­tured event at the discretion of the PAC.

*Please note: The URL listed above your event page will not work correctly if you copy/paste  the address for future use due to security features on both websites. Please contact Marketing or the Ticket Office for the correct link to use in your publicity materials.


Cal Poly 

The majority of the venue’s ticketed events are included on the homepage of the Cal Poly website, www.calpoly.edu and are typically rotated onto the home page the week of the event itself. These listings are under the Events section located towards the bottom of the page.

Cal Poly Report is the university’s offi­cial employee e-newsletter, providing news and listings for events directly related to the Cal Poly campus. We submit our events with a description and image. The report comes out every Wednesday and lists news and events coming up in the upcoming couple weeks.


Print Advertising: The Tribune

The Performing Arts Center prepares a weekly calendar of events, which is included in the Friday entertainment edition of The Tribune. Your event will be included in our ads and typically run 1-2+ weeks prior to your event date. A license agreement for that event must be signed prior to the publication date and pertinent information is in-hand by publication deadlines.


PAC Newsletter

The Performing Arts Center prepares a monthly e-newsletter that highlights upcoming shows for the month and is emailed to an active database of PAC subscribers. The email is typically sent out around the first week of every month.


Social Media

PAC events receive online exposure through an integrated social media platform with the venue’s Facebook (@PACsanluisobispo) and Instagram (@pacslo) channels. A Facebook event page for each show is created and may be co-hosted with the client. Promotional content may be created and advertised on the venue’s social media channels, at the discretion of the PAC.



Small monthly flyers are placed both in stands on the lobby tables & in the brochure display holder for patrons to take with them. Shows are advertised for the current month and upcoming month.
Upcoming events for the month are promoted during performances on 10 lobby monitors throughout the Performing Arts Center.
Upcoming events for the month are listed on a large door cling located in the front of the PAC lobby doors.


Posters and Flyers

Clients may display signage in the Ticket Office or PAC lobbies by utilizing up to three easels that will be provided by the PAC. Posters, signs or displays may not be taped, hung or affixed to the walls, glass or railings of the PAC. Clients may use other free-standing display systems, subject to approval of PAC staff. Client groups may also place flyers and materials promoting their upcoming events in the lobby brochure display holder.

The display case in the lower lobby may be available at selected times, length of use is typically scheduled in 6 week blocks. Please contact us to schedule an installation time. Items may not be hung, taped, stapled or attached to walls of the display case. Permanent grids are installed to hang items.

It is the responsibility of the promoter to contact other clients for permission to stuff flyers in their programs. It is also the responsibility of the promoter to insert the flyers in these programs prior to being delivered to the Center, unless contracted out. At no time may flyers be distributed outside the PAC, on the PAC plaza or on car windshields, etc.


Event Programs

The client is responsible for the production, printing and delivery of the event program to the Center. Event programs must be delivered to the House Manager’s podium at least two (2) hours prior to the scheduled performance. The Center’s house ushers will be responsible for assisting with the distribution of the client’s programs. Any remaining programs will be discarded or recycled immediately after the performance unless prior arrangements have been made with the Operations Manager.

Future Attractions

The Center reserves the right to distribute to the audience surveys, announcements and literature concerning future attractions to be held at the Center, whether such attractions are under the auspices of the client or not.

*Contract Services for Marketing Events

Services may include consultation on marketing plan to promote event, poster and flyer distribution, creating exhibit in lobby display case, placing media buys, sending press releases.


Contact Info

Kristen Teufel, Marketing & Communications Manager

Nicole Pitman, Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant
npitman @calpoly.edu


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