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Forbes Pipe Organ

About the Organ

In 2007, Harold Miossi Hall would become the home to a magnificent pipe organ built on the same grand scale as the instruments that grace cathedrals and concert halls in the world’s largest cities. The Fisk Opus 129 pipe organ was once merely a gleam in the eyes of Clif Swanson and John and Barbara Hartman, who discussed adding an organ to the plans for the Performing Arts Center in 1985.

In 1996 the building was built, but funds fell short for an organ. Twelve years after the building was built, local philanthropists Bert and Candace Forbes pledged the funding for the pipe organ to the Foundation for the Performing Arts Center. On June 19, 2006, the organ’s 2,767 pipes were delivered into the hands of an enthusiastic crew who took the cherished cargo from the vans, carried it into the theater and carefully unwrapped each pipe for installation.

“The organ music fills you entirely, to the exclusion of all other senses.” – Bert Forbes

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