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Rent the PAC

Rental Inquiry

The Performing Arts Center offers a number of rental spaces for performances, banquets, meetings and other events. For details and calendar availability, contact Outreach Services Specialist Andrea Castillo at acasti43@calpoly.edu or by phone at 805-756-7223.

Please include:

  • Organization name

  • Contact name, email and phone number

  • Preferred date(s) of event

  • Name and brief description of event

  • *Is your organization/business a 501(c)(3) non-profit?

Rental Information

Renting The Christopher Cohan Center

The PAC is available to rent by individuals, commercial businesses, not-for-profit organizations and agencies of government. By virtue of the Operating Agreement among the PAC’s partners, the university has priority use of up to 12 dates annually. Traditional performance dates, “Annual Holds,” have 2nd priority. All other performing arts events are third in priority. Activities other than for the performing arts may then be scheduled. Usage policies may be obtained by calling the Center’s office at (805)756–7222. Rental rates may be subject to change.


Rental Rate Schedule

Rental rates are established by the Central Coast Performing Arts Center Commission (CCPACC). A minimum rental rate will be charged to each Client of the Center to cover the cost of administration and other fixed expenses. If the Gross Sales Break Point is reached for an event, a “Percentage of Gross Revenue” rent formula is added to the standard minimum rate. Percentage rent is calculated as the percentage, designated by criteria above, times the gross sales reached beyond the break point. Percentage rent on top of minimum rent is capped at a maximum of $1,800 per performance.

Incremental production costs associated with an event will be charged back to the Client as per the Usage Policies. Labor costs may exceed the rent for performances requiring rehearsals and extended take-ins with large crews to set up special lighting, sound and scenery. There is no discount for labor costs for non-profit groups.



Promotional Code

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