Bach Week Chamber Concert

A Musical Portrait of a Venetian Courtesan

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*Note special location at First Presbyterian Church, San Luis Obispo*

The courtesan in Renaissance Venice held a unique social position. Despite a life filled with hardship and danger, she was able to circumvent many of the patriarchal restrictions on women making music. A study of courtesan’s music is therefore a tantalizing window from which to view the sound world of domestic life in Renaissance Venice. This concert will explore this world, from the performance of “high art” madrigals by Barbara Strozzi and San Marco maestri Willeart and Rore, to “bawdy” Carnival songs in dialetto. Rounding out the program will be instrumental dance music, creating a fun and festive atmosphere, with moments of tragedy and pathos interspersed.

Performed by the world-class period instrument ensemble Tesserae Baroque. Works for solo voice and small instrument ensemble featuring guest artist Rebecca Myers, soprano, will round out the program. 

Donations at the door